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Logistics' Impact on Revenue


dollar sign in space resized 600How can you help your company retain and secure top customers…not just cut costs?   It’s no secret that the quickest way to lose a customer is to screw up their first order and/or reoccurring orders…and no one can afford to lose a customer in our present economic times, especially not a top customer.


3 Ways that Logistics Retains and Secures Top Customers


  • Reliability – Are your orders arriving on time and accurate over 99% of the time?  These are the best in class expectations/KPI of many demanding customers.


  • Visibility – Can your customers track the steps in their orders from the time they’ve placed it to the time it’s in their hands?  If you don’t demonstrate control in the order process by knowing where your customers’ orders are at all times how can you expect them to “trust” you to fulfill their orders properly over 99% of the time?


  • Pro-Active Communication – It’s inevitable that something will go wrong and when it does are your customers finding out from you pro-actively or having to find out for themselves and react to the situation at the time they thought they’d have their accurate and intact order?  The time difference between when you find out about a problem with an order and when it is supposed to deliver is crucial as it allows you, your customer, and your third party logistics provider the time to find a solution to still meet the needs of their order.  It’s no secret that time equals money.


Don’t let your budget reductions limit your ability to improve the impact that logistics has on revenue.  Customers are asking more of their vendor’s logistics capabilities everyday and your competitors are searching for ways to either stay ahead of you or leap frog you in terms of your logistics capabilities.

What have you implemented, are you implementing, or are you contemplating on implementing to stay ahead?

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Great Article! All the things that are true and that has significant impact on the customer.
Posted @ Thursday, October 06, 2011 7:03 AM by George Shea
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